Monday, August 22, 2005

SEED Introduction

SEED believes that art and science are both victims of a new confusion of tongues. They have become languages unto themselves. New approaches are required to rehumanize art and science.

Rather than pushing a specific agenda for artistic or scientific practice, SEED aims to provide a place for the germination of new creative ideas through dialogue and action. Such action might include: collaborative ventures involving artists and scientists, artistic projects that explore, use, or critique science, scientists creating or critiquing art, performances, exhibitions, workshops, and street events that are tangible, visible and audible.

SEED challenges the notion of “science outreach”, based on the dilution of science to make it palatable to a lay audience. Instead it reverses this process and aims to give new constituencies access to the creative processes at play in both science in art.

SEED does not have a single institutional base, but hopes to draw support from multiple institutions and organizations, both on the arts and science side. It is based in Dublin, but is particularly keen to attract visiting artists and scientists with an interest in developing
original projects.

An initial focus of SEED’s activity will be open monthly salons. The aim of these meetings is to discuss projects, and invite artists and scientists to present ideas and projects in an informal atmosphere.

SEED is not a grant-awarding body but a place where ideas can be developed through open dialogue with artists, scientists and people with an interest in the relationship between art and science.

SEED is not setting itself up as an arbitrer of the quality of art-science projects – rather the optimistic philosophy that inspires SEED is that if the ideas are timely and we provide the right environment, the necessary support structures will crystallize around them.


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