Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Emergence - Connecting Art, Science and Consciousness / Saturday 3.12. / 10.00-17.00

As part of the 10th Convergence Festival the third 'Emergence' hosted at the Cultivate Centre promises to be an enthralling experience exploring the connections between art, science and consciousness in the company of some distinguished guests like Dr. Otto van Nieuwenhuijze, Saskia Bosman, Ph.D and Alicia Falvey. The trio represent The Visions Lab, a group of scientists and independent researchers from the Netherlands. They have formed a virtual lab as a platform to broaden the scope of science to connect with personal involvement, art, consciousness and sustainability. Irish sacred geometry architect Michael Rice will join them. Michael's emphasis is on Holistic Design using the principles and proportions of Nature.

Convergence, as it's name suggests, brings people together: to share ideas, to explore the latest solutions and approaches to a more balanced lifestyle and together to figure out how we can live fulfilled, dynamic and healthy lives without endangering the ability of the next generation to do the same. It all sounds quite serious but in fact Convergence is both inspiring and perhaps most importantly, great fun!

For detailed program click here!, Fee: 20 Euro

From the CULTIVATE Centre for Sustainable Living and Learning
15-19 Essex St. West, Old City, Temple Bar, Dublin 8


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