Thursday, December 01, 2005

ART and SCIENCE Series on the RADIO

Left Brain / Right Brain
A new four part series.
Every Sunday, 10 - 10.30 pm on RTE Lyric fm, December 4th to 25th
Presenter: Mary Mulvihill.
Producer: Eoin Brady.

Today it is recognised that we all have a range of intelligences - emotional, artistic, logical, linguistic - but all too often we still end up working in jobs that require us to use only very specific parts of our brain. The received wisdom is that the arts use the left side of the brain and the sciences use the right, and rarely the twain shall meet. Occasionally though artists and scientists do collaborate for various reasons and in a new four part series Left Brain / Right Brain, Mary Mulvihill talks to four different artist and scientist collaborations about why they decided to play yin to the other's yang and the results that emerged.

Sunday 4th
: Artist Dorothy Cross & Marine Zoologist, Professor Tom Cross talk about their collaboration on the Medusa project.
Sunday 11th: Artist Anna Hill & Space Scientist Dr. Peter Gallagher share an interest in the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.
Sunday 18th: Artists Cathy Fitzgerald & Developmental Biologist Dr. Paula Murphy share their experience of their collaboration in developmental biology.
Sunday 25th: The influence of science on literature, with theatre director Lynne Parker of Rough Magic in conversation with poet-physicist Prof Iggy McGovern.


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