Tuesday, January 17, 2006

February SEED Salon: Valentina Nisi and Mads Haahr

February 7th, 7pm, at the Odessa Club (above The Odessa Restaurant, at 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2). Voluntary contribution: 5 Euro.

Valentina and Mads describe how they combine art and science/technology in the Media Portrait of the Liberties. This is concerned with the development, production, and interactive delivery of multiple short stories about the Dublin Liberties community. Mairen Johnston's book “Around the banks of Pimlico” provides the basis for the script that shapes the media segments. Based on the author’s memories of growing up in the neighbourhood, the book describes the life, lore and color of the Liberties. Real individuals become characters and the anecdotes about their lives are woven together with historical descriptions of the social condition of the people living in the area in past and recent times.

is currently working as a research assistant with Mads in the department of Computer Science of Trinity College Dublin (TCD). She is completing her Ph.D.on Location Aware Narratives and mobile technologies. Her research focuses on bringing stories out into real space merging architecture, environment and landscape with the narrative experience.

Mads is actively involved in crossing arts and technology. He is also editor of the electronic journal "Crossings".


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