Friday, June 02, 2006

June SEED salon: SOAP OPERA by S. Hutzler and T. Durham

Tuesday June 6th, 7pm at the Odessa Club (above The Odessa Restaurant, at 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2). Voluntary contribution: 5 Euro.

The intricately patterned, multi-coloured pictures of photographer Tim Durham are not unlike the computer images of our information society. However, they are very real photographs of real soap suds, and what's more, they might equally well be displayed at a scientific conference. A scientist admiring them faces an additional challenge: how are they to be explained?

In a brief presentation, Stefan Hutzler will unravel some of the science of soap films in relation to Tim Durham's photographs. This will mainly be done through experiments which demonstrate the effect of surface tension and the geometry of soap films. Guests at the salon are more than welcome to get their hands clean and play with the suds!

Dr Stefan Hutzler is a lecturer in the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, where he researches “The Physics of Foams” and co-authored (with Professor Denis Weaire) a book of the same title.

Tim Durham is an artist living in Killucan, Co. Westmeath. For the past 10 years Tim has been working on images of soap films. What makes these photographs different from any other images Tim makes is that he has created the object being photographed as well as the capturing it on film.

Tim will be exhibiting a series of soap film images at the W5 gallery in Belfast from August 31st to September 22nd and at the Institute of Physics in London from November 1st to December 22nd.


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