Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On Visual Culture and Bioscience

Virtual Symposium, March 5-15, 2007

Experts from around the world will discuss the intersections between the visual arts and the life sciences at this international event, which will take place on the Internet. A group of 30 participants comprised of artists, scientists, historians, ethicists, curators, sociologists, and writers will present a variety of perspectives on topics such as artists in the lab,
imaging in art and bioscience, and the sociological implications of the growing connections between the two fields.

The panelists include: Suzanne Anker (Symposium Facilitator), Max Aguilera-Hellweg, Andrew Carnie, Catherine Chalmers, Troy Duster, Sian Ede, David Freedberg, Karl Grimes, Martin Kemp, Vladinir Mironov, Orlan, Nancy Princenthal, Jill Scott, Andrew Solomon, Susan Squier and Catherine Wagner.

The symposium is sponsored by the Office of Exhibitions and Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, and the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County,

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Dear Colleagues ,
in attach you will find my recent paper on SCIENCE AND ART that you cam see publisced also in the Genaral Science Journal : http://www.wbabin.net/

In NOV 20 2007 in Florence we would like to organize an international Seminar on the Issue the SCIENCE of QUALITY for the KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY . I hope you can be interestes in this event.

My best corduality's Paolo Manzelli 15/ June/2007

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