Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No Salon in January 2006

There will be no Salon in January to allow your recovery from the Christmas and New Years festivities. But we look forward to seeing you at the next Salon on the 7th of February 2006. Program to be announced soon!

A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, and thanks for your contributions to the Art-Science community in 2005. We look forward to the next year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Impressions from the December Salon

The audience learns about how an artist can inspire scientists to understand and communicate their work on a different level.

EMBO Science and Society Funding Available

EMBO Small Grants Scheme

The EMBO Small Grants Scheme for Initiatives in Science & Society is intended to help initiate activities or projects that make the biosciences and/or bioscientists more accessible to non-scientists. No specific conditions as to the medium through which this is achieved, and the target audience, are set; EMBO particularly looks for novelty of approach.
A maximum sum of Euro 2.000 may be awarded to any one project. This sum may, in some cases, cover the costs of the entire undertaking; in others it may allow a start to be made, from which more funding can be attracted for expansion of the original concept.

IMPORTANT: Applicants must be practising life scientists working in Europe, and must use the grant for an activity organised in Europe. The planned activity or project must be carried out in Europe. No deadline! (Thanks Eve!)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Institute for Figuring

The interests of the recently founded Institute for Figuring in Los Angeles are twofold: the manifestation of figures in the world around us and the figurative technologies that humans have developed through the ages. From the physics of snowflakes and the hyperbolic geometry of sea slugs, to the mathematics of paper folding, the tiling patterns of Islamic mosaics and graphical models of the human mind, the Institute takes as its purview a complex ecology of figuring. Link (Thanks, George)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

December SEED Salon: Cathy Fitzgerald and Paula Murphy

December 6, 7pm, at the Odessa Club (above The Odessa Restaurant, at 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2). Voluntary contribution: 5 Euro.

Presenting A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE, an informal exhibition of work created by artist Catherine Fitzgerald during her recent Arts Council supported art residency in the labs of the Zoology Dept, Trinity College with Dr Paula Murphy, a molecular geneticists working in developmental biology.

CATHERINE FITZGERALD is a New Zealand artist now living in Ireland. Catherine’s art practice is informed by her background in agricultural microbiology research. After working in the science area in New Zealand for ten years, she attended the National College of Art and Design, in Dublin, Ireland during 1996-2002 and gained a BA then an MA in Fine Art. Catherine’s practice involves studio work and written research about art + science. Over the last few years she initiated two residencies in science laboratories in Dublin that has enabled her to work on larger projects (much of her recent work was on public display in the BA Festival of Science, held at Trinity College, Dublin in Sept 05; she also recently curated HETEROPTERA, a show of Cornelia Hesse-Honegger's work for Carlow’s Visualise programme investigating the effects of nuclear fallout from Chernobyl and other sites on insect mutations. Catherine uses a range of traditional, new media and interactive skills to engage and enable a wide audience to reflect on ideas and developments in contemporary biological science. She has exhibited her work both in galleries and in science spaces - the more interesting and challenging exhibitions have occurred in places where both the public and science communities do not normally encounter contemporary art.

DR PAULA MURPHY is a developmental biologist at the Zoology Department at Trinity College Dublin. She works on visualizing gene expression patterns in vertebrate embryos.

ART and SCIENCE Series on the RADIO

Left Brain / Right Brain
A new four part series.
Every Sunday, 10 - 10.30 pm on RTE Lyric fm, December 4th to 25th
Presenter: Mary Mulvihill.
Producer: Eoin Brady.

Today it is recognised that we all have a range of intelligences - emotional, artistic, logical, linguistic - but all too often we still end up working in jobs that require us to use only very specific parts of our brain. The received wisdom is that the arts use the left side of the brain and the sciences use the right, and rarely the twain shall meet. Occasionally though artists and scientists do collaborate for various reasons and in a new four part series Left Brain / Right Brain, Mary Mulvihill talks to four different artist and scientist collaborations about why they decided to play yin to the other's yang and the results that emerged.

Sunday 4th
: Artist Dorothy Cross & Marine Zoologist, Professor Tom Cross talk about their collaboration on the Medusa project.
Sunday 11th: Artist Anna Hill & Space Scientist Dr. Peter Gallagher share an interest in the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.
Sunday 18th: Artists Cathy Fitzgerald & Developmental Biologist Dr. Paula Murphy share their experience of their collaboration in developmental biology.
Sunday 25th: The influence of science on literature, with theatre director Lynne Parker of Rough Magic in conversation with poet-physicist Prof Iggy McGovern.