Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MutaMorphosis in Prague Nov 8-10

If you have not already registered there still may just be time to get to Prague for Mutamorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences, a major conference taking place from 8-10 November, organized as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of MIT press art-science journal Leonardo.

"More than 80 presentations of artists, interdisciplinary researchers, scientists and creative technologists will focus on the growing interest within the worlds of arts and sciences in extreme and hostile environments", says Roger F. Malina, conference co-chair.

There will be a keynote lecture about the architecture of complexity by Albert-László Barabási, who is recognised for the introduction of the scale-free network concept and popularization of
network theory, and a lecture by Roy Ascott, pioneering cyber artist who published in 1967 in the first volume of the Leonardo Journal.

Among the invited speakers there are Stelarc, one of the world-famous artists using technology to extend capabilities of human body, nano artist Victoria Vesna who will be speaking with nano scientist James Gimzewski, the author of 2005 most downloaded paper in Nature on a pocket sized nuclear fusion device, or artist-scientist duo James Crutchfield & David Dunn who
will focus on exploration of bioacoustic ecology of deforestation.

In addition, MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences conference will take place in the framework of art festival ENTER which will feature number of experimental performances, screenings and exhibitions. Among the exhibitions there will be the first retrospective of Frank J. Malina (1912 -1981) who was an American aeronautical engineer and painter as well as
initiator of the Leonardo Journal. He constructed the first rocket to break the 50-mile altitude mark, becoming the first sounding rocket to reach space, while his kinetic paintings embed an ambitious attempt to explore territories of art-science collaboration.

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